Amy Brinn, LICSW
Parenting Coach

"You are not alone"


Parenting is a really hard job. No one really prepares parents for the day-to-day issues that arise with children from infancy to adolescence. Parents I have worked with have often shared with me that they feel alone and isolated about their parenting challenges. They can fear talking to others lest they be judged. They can fear that they are a “bad parent” because they don’t know all the answers. It can be tempting to look at other families and their children and think they’ve got it all figured out.

 In reality, all parents struggle with the best ways to raise their children. There is not one way to approach parenting. What is important is how the parenting matches the needs of the child and the parents. Even in the same family, each child has a unique personality and can react differently than their siblings in the same situations. All children go through difficult phases, and parents worry about them.

In my work, I have seen how parent coaching is a great way to address these challenges. A parent coach listens empathetically, helps a parent look with curiosity at their situation, and together develop a plan of action that is tailored to each family’s unique situation.

"If a child lives with love and acceptance, he learns to find love in the world". - Dorothy Neite

Parent Coaching Approach 

You know your children better than anyone. Together we'll act as a team to explore all the issues contributing to a given problem. Then I'll work with you to develop an incremental dynamic plan and coach you through it.

You don’t need to feel alone. There are always options available to address parenting challenges.

"As our daughter dealt with paralyzing anxiety during her first term in college, Amy provided us with calm, reassuring, actionable advice. She asked the right questions and connected us with resources to get the help we neeeded even though we were a thousand miles away." - Father, Chicago, IL

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